Thursday, March 7, 2013

Medibabble to the Rescue!

To those of you who fear that one day technology and machinery will replace human-beings in the workforce--you are absolutely right. Sharing 4 translators amongst the OR, PACU, pre-op, and the three wards, the language barrier appears to be bigger than ever. Brad Cohn's Medibabble app, however, has been there saving our behinds this past week. Since the app does not require a 3G or wifi connection, our team has been able to use it all over the hospital. The app comes preprogrammed with questions that require a yes or no answer (in some cases, a smile or frown and scream). The best part--it actually reads the question out loud to the patients, sparing us the embarrassment of attempting to imitate the Haitian dialect.
Overall, our patients are (thank god) doing well, and we can all leave on Sunday knowing there will be no serious complications.
Looking forward to our last full day tomorrow,

Feeding one of our patients Plumpy'nut
Waiting in pre-op for his operation
"King Camil" in his crib with donated blanket and Burger King name tag

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  1. Thank you BH for your captivating account of team Sinai's day to day activities. You kept me coming back for more. Great job!